Rasmussen Snowmobile Rentals


Rental terms

-Operators must be 18 or older, with a valid and current drivers license

-Tour Guides are required.  Rates quoted depend on party size

-Major credit card required.

-All operators and riders must sign a waiver of liability prior to rental period.

-All damages due to accident, theft, towing, vandalism, etc.  during the rental period are the responsibility of the operator.  Your credit card WILL be charged for ANY damages.  Insurance is not offered available through Rasmussen Snowmobile Rentals

-All damages must be reported to Rasmussen Snowmobile Rentals IMMEDIATELY.  315-750-6944

-Alchoholic beverages or any other mind-altering substances, including prescription drugs, are strictly prohibited before and during your rental period. 

-Rasmussen Snowmobile Rentals reserve the right to deny rental to any individual who may present a danger to themselves or others while operating a snowmobile.

-Riders and Operators are responsible for wearing all safety apparel and gear while operating the snowmobile

-Cancellations due to unsafe or inadequate trail conditions are solely at the judgement of Rasmussen Snowmobile Rentals